Chronology of Orton & Tebay

Late 13th century First Charter Granted
1615 Dacre Moiety of Orton Manor purchased for 1840
1618 Parish Landowners purchase the Rectory and Advowson for 570
1655  Charter granted by Oliver Cromwell
1658  Yearly Fair granted to Orton
1673  Tebay school opened
1730 First school opened in Orton
1733  Greenholme School opened
1760  Turnpike act for road from Kendal toAppleby
1769 Orton Enclosure award
1810 New School built in Orton
1815 Cottage purchased to house the poor in Orton
1828  Orton Book Club opened
1833 Orton Methodist Chapel opened
1836 Orton Parish joined East Ward Union for the relief of the poor
1837 Orton Sunday School opened
1841  New Fair started for sale of sheep and cattle at Orton
1846 Orton Poor house sold
1847  Lancaster & Carlisle Railway opened
1858 Orton Temperance Hall opened
1863 Market resumed at Orton
1865  New Market Hall opened at Orton
1865 Railway to Barnard Castle Opened
1873 Langdale School Built
1874 Monthly Cattle Market began at Orton
1884 Tebay declared an Ecclesiatical Parish
1897 Tebay declared a Civil Parish