Lunesdale Archaeological Society Update
Jackie Huck

Bernard Thornborrow, Chairman of Orton & Tebay Local History Society, welcomed everyone to the February meeting. He reminded members that the March meeting is the AGM, and said that in view of the price of speakers, the membership fees would have to raise to £7 annually, which is still excellent value for money.

 Annie Hamilton-Gibney was the speaker for the evening. Annie is working in the community for three years, through ACT, on a Tebay & Orton Distinctiveness Project. Annie outlined her work which includes promoting tourism and has been involved  in the recent reopening of St James church vestry.

 Annie is by training an Archaeologist, and last year she arranged a field walk, where a number of interesting items were found. The object of such walks is to discover more about the story of people who lived in the area in the past, and to teach local enthusiasts how to interpret any finds. Also to keep a careful record of where items are discovered.

 The success of the walk led to the foundation of the Lunesdale Archaeological Society and permission being obtained for excavation work at Low Borrow Bridge, Tebay, once the site of an important Roman Fort. There has been a number of ‘digs’ done in the past, some doing more damage than good, and there being few correct records kept. The excavations proved to be very informative, and a lot of new information about the site was discovered, along with a number of artefacts. Work is still continuing on analysis of the finds.

 Annie explained the value of such work, which can encourage tourism, provide educational information for schools and lead to exhibitions, besides providing a clearer picture of the area over the centuries.
 The Society are in the process of applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund for further excavation on the site, when the area under investigation could be increased, and also a geophysical survey could be undertaken. They will be meeting on 29th March, when Annie will inform the group of full details of last years finds.

 She was thanked by the Chairman, and the evening finished with refreshments.