Herculaneum & Pompeii

by Jackie Huck

Bernard Thornborrow, Chairman of Orton & Tebay Local History Society. welcomed members to the first meeting of 2011. He gave a brief outline of plans  for the next few months, and said that the booklet Taking Stock , has to date  raised 200 for St. James Church and Tebay School.
Last year the  Society had talks on the Romans from Joseph Jackson, and for the day trip  visited Vindolanda. Carrying on with this theme, the speaker for the evening was  David Aspen, who showed slides and spoke about Pompeii and Herculaneum. Both towns were buried by ash, after the eruption of  Vesuvius in 79AD, which  preserved them, especially Herculaneum, for centuries. Excavation has been ongoing for around 250 years, and it was fascinating to  see the streets,  mosaics, wall paintings and the remains of the buildings.

He was  thanked by the Chairman, and the evening finished with refreshments.