Report of Meeting July 1012
By Jackie Huck

Drybeck Hall built  1679 Grade II Listed
Lintel marked  W.S. & G.S. 1679

Orton & Tebay Local History Society, spent an enjoyable and interesting evening recently, in the company of Lord Hothfield at Drybeck Hall. Lord Hothfield is a direct descendant of Lady Anne Clifford and very knowledgeable about her life and history. She was married twice and through her marriages became the Countess of Dorset and Pembroke. Her struggle to regain her family inheritance is well recorded. He showed the Society members many pictures, books and artefacts relating to Lady Anne, and explained that her daughter married into the Tufton family linking the two.

 One series of pictures shows Lady Anne at various ages, a young girl of 13, then at 30 and 40, and the final picture at 56. There was also a lot of information regarding Lady Anne’s castles of Appleby, Pendragon, Brougham, Brough and Skipton.

 In the last century his family were great friends of ‘The Yellow Earl’ of Lowther Castle, and various letters and mementos of this period were on show. There was also a very interesting series of black and white photographs which showed Lowther Castle and it’s gardens, of special interest as the gardens at Lowther are at this present time being restored.

 One interesting book listed the immense household of Richard Earl of Dorset from 1613 to 1624, and another gave a sample menu running into many exotic dishes.

 Wendy Higgins, programme secretary thanked Lord Hoffield for giving up his time, and said how much everyone had enjoyed the visit.