A.G.M. and Tales of Tebay

By Jackie Huck

After the  Societies AGM where the chairman, secretary, treasurer, web-master and events organiser gave their reports and were re-elected by the members. Reg Capstick went on to tell us more tales of Tebay and Tebay people who over the years who have had a connection with Tebay.

Joseph Locke

Thomas Brassey

At the time of the coming of the railway, the two main men were Joseph Locke, Railway Engineer, who plotted the track of the railway and in ability, was on a par with George Stevenson, and Thomas Brassey who was a Railway Builder. Thomas was behind the construction of 2 out of every 3 miles of track that was laid throughout the country, and also in many other parts of the world. He was an excellent planner, estimator of costs, and could manage the workforce, who were mainly Irish navvies.  Both men must have visited Tebay, during those days, changing the face and history of the village.

 Reg also spoke of two historical Tebay characters, Dr. William Farrar, magician and wiseman, and of Mary Baines the Tebay Witch,(See our article in Legends) who famously predicted that horseless carriages  would come over  Loupsfell.

 Reg recalled his father who was a keen footballer, and members of Tebay United Club over the years. The name was changed to Lunesdale United, when men came to play from a wider area. There was also a good cricket team, and the Policeman Brian Walker was a player also a past Vicar, Henry Brierley.

 Reg said that certain family names were closely associated with the Tebay and Orton areas, some of these families still living here; Atkinsons, Becks, Burrows, Bousefields, Cowperthwaites, Brunskills, Hogsons, were just some of the well known families.

 He recalled various well-known Tebay characters that many of the audience remembered, including May Nelson, who was a member of the Concert Party ‘The Tebay Follies’. May worked with the District Nurses, and laid out bodies for the undertaker. She also was the local correspondent for the local newspapers for many years and was both an excellent singer and comedian, and Reg said, one of the kindest people he‘d ever known.

 A number of villagers were remembered  for their nicknames, including Fishy Joe, Snuffy Bracken and Jimmy Flash. He also recalled The Royal Observer Corp. who carried on their work for many years after the war, and through the ‘Cold War’. A number of locals were members including Reg’s father, Billy Butler, Bobby Huck and Les Thackery. He said that over the years Tebay had produced people who were memorable and notorious, but mainly a host of general ‘good folk’.

 Reg was thanked for a fascinating talk by Bernard, and the meeting finished with refreshments.