Report of the Annual General Meeting
Jackie Huck

Bernard Thornborrow, Chairman, welcomed everyone to the annual meeting of Orton & Tebay Local History Society.

 He reported that membership was holding steady at around 50 - 60, with an average of 40 at each meeting. He thanked Wendy Higgins, for the varied programme she had prepared last year, and for all her work in arranging trips, to Crosby Garrett and Beamish.

 Mary Jenkin, treasurer was also thanked for her work, and the balance in hand at the year end is £1,159. Although finances are healthy at present, with the increasing cost of room rent and speaker fees, it has been agreed that the yearly subscription will increase to £7, but stay as £2 for visitors.

 Bernard thanked the remaining Committee members of Len Clarke, Heather Ballantyne and Jackie Huck, for their work. All the existing Committee members were prepared to stand for a further year, and were elected en-block.

 Wendy spoke about the Victorian County History Project. Some counties completed the project back in the Victorian era, others made a start, some like Westmorland didn’t. The Society is giving £100 a year for 5 years towards this project, which will be a very detailed account, running into many volumes when finished. Five locals including Wendy are working on Orton and Tebay, at the moment gathering together a bibliography of what information is already on record.

 Bernard said that the Society, had a number of local history books which can be loaned out, and he gave a brief resume of next years programme.

 There was a small exhibition of Royalty, with it being the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year, this included photographs, scrap-books, commemorative items, and old newspapers. Also Judy Dunford had displayed photographs of farming in 1950’s Northumberland, where she was raised, and a copy of the old Greenholme School register, which she has been scanning.

 The meeting closed with refreshments. The next meeting will be on Thursday 19th April, 7.30pm Orton Market Hall, when the speaker will be Colin Smith, on ‘Milestones, Mileposts and Toll Houses of Cumbria’